Sep 15, 2012

शोक - NoMore [Grief:No More]

Surf Excel Matic: Soak No More
Weekend mornings  have always brought the same rituals for me. Sleeping till it hurts, cups and cups of bed teas, sneaking in and out of my bed sheet, chilly AC settings, newspapers and so on; in short, if only “something” could force me out of my bed. This weekend had this “something” and I was out before the weekend rituals could even kick-off. It was my new obsession on my formals- My White shirts.  Reminded me of the popular surf’s slogan “Daag Acche hote hain”. I did not agree to Surf’s Slogan this time. I hated the coffee stain on my new White Shirt. The Tom Cruise in me brought the killing passion in me as in  Mission Impossible. . I was determined to make the impossible possible. Armed with the Stain Killer Detergent –Surf, the mission kicked off. While the machine kept the shirt rolling; Stain on the shirt took me back to that killer moment when I got that nasty looking brown patch.
I was enjoying my promotion which brought me to the executive power dressings in my daily jobs. The dressing which I had lost being an engineer and working at construction sites. After a high level meeting, combed my hairs looking at my car window glass, loosened my tie and removed my suit to hang it on window hanger of the car. I was driving back to office, loud music, steering in hand and watch on those three little mirrors. Picked up my Coffee form Starbucks nearby and started my journey. I loved driving. As much as essence of keeping a watch while driving, the little mirrors meant so much to me. Driving a car is so much similar to leading a life. You steer your way through those lanes looking at the traffic,  speeding  up or slowing down. The three little mirrors (Rear-view and two Side Mirrors) give you so much to steer your way forward. the mirrors let you know what you left behind, what’s catching up with you, how you left the moments. These are like small windows which reflects those small moments you have left behind.
That day these mirrors took me to a period where there was no light on my life’s path,  I had no visibility to steer forward. I felt cheated by ones I loved most, broken, frustated. I wanted to crash myself to some dead wall. It took a toll on me, I lost my health. I could see myself fighting, doing introspection, looking for ways to overcome. But there were no sight of light.  Tears would have rolled down when suddenly I found the car in front is too close to mine; could have dashed if I don’t slow down. Applied my breaks and car slowed down with a jerk, which spilled all the coffee in hand. Brown, dark patches were spilled all over my bright white shirt. Moment of truth was : these were so similar to dark stains on my life.    
I changed gears to move forward. Started off with Gym, living up with those small dreams I had left behind, I wanted to live again. This time, I was driving my life all alone, while others kept standing. Determined not to have someone known with me on this path, I met a stranger to share my world with. Stranger? Yes she was. It was 4th of July when we met. It started off with 1 hour on 1st meeting and slowly kept on growing for hours and at times the whole night of  talking. The dimmed dark roads started looking bright. God knows when We madly fell in love with each other. But BOOMM. Hopes CRAASSSHHED when we realised, this dream is difficult to realise. We kept on driving, we kept on creating hopes for each other. For us together, the sadness was like a single glass bowl between two of us. When she had it, I was beaming with energy and when the bowl was with me she was there to hold me. Years have pass on, we hardly meet each other but we keep communicating, we keeping lighting the light for each other. Life is bright and stains of sorrows have disappeared. We still love each other and still want to drive our life together.

The machine had stopped while I was on this lighted  path leaving my  stained life. The shirt looked so bright with no stains on it. The small molecules of Surf Excel Matic  did its magic. Its “Vibrating molecules” did penetrate deeply and removed the stains. If life is like a surf Excel Matic, with its colored molecules all over its white background, which does its magic; there are people who are like these “Excel vibrating molecules” to envigorate the life, vibrate the joys to remove the stains of life. Life or clothes the punch line remains same  
       शोक-No More : Soak NoMore”.

Surf Excel Matic         


  1. May the beautiness of life remains wid u....
    may the stain never comes back in ur life or even in ur favourite white shirt,,even if it comes, u have the magic power u know how to keep ur life as well as ur shirt "stain free"!!!!!
    Wish u a Happy and safe ur driving car as well as ur life....!!!!!but im lil curious, driving a car always followed by destination,,,,so whts ur destination,,,,??
    Coz its the destination who drives..... you or even me and everybuddy....!!!!

  2. Thanks Anonymous for all the best wishes....
    Destination? HUH ..only if i could define this...
    they say life is a journey and it ends to start a fresh...
    do we ever reach a destination? its all about small small stops where life pauses for..can we ever call these destinations?? no i guess..
    yes if you meant a destination for me and her... i will call it we both on the same road, travelling 2 touching lanes .... driving together hand in hand....destination?? who cares if its a happy journey


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