Dec 10, 2012

The Straightening device – Kur’curla


Apatani lady

Human being is the  most unsatisfied living organism on the face of earth. Human being in their own human sphere wants to change what they have and attempt to achieve what they don’t have. They always crave for a little more of everything. When they are born they are the angels in skin and bones. When the wisdom grows in they love to change the way they are. Craving for changes became traditions and traditions became fashion. The change looked inevitable. The Kayan tribes of Burma wore those neck rings from the age of five to beautify their female. Whereas, Apatani tribe of our own land in Arunachal Pradesh, who were born so beautiful that they were the constant prey to the other tribes, de-beautified the woman folks by piercing-in their nose for those ugly nose rings.  French came with the concepts of Corsets to look slimmer on the waist. Change indeed was only constant throughout the Humane  life.
Inspired by the word change, a team of crazy Scientist, Engineers and Beauty therapist joined hands to offer the man-kind a traditional-new approach to de-curl the black thin strands of cells on the human head, commonly known as Hairs. The project is dedicated for the people looking for the un-curling or wanted to straighten the hair on their head. A Research was carried out and traditional ways analyzed. Sharing you  the paper published by the team for usage:


The object of change:
The object is a thin strand of cells with various natural colors like black, brown and blonde. The strands change colors to Grey upon growing old. The strands undergo myriads of color changes in youth and early old ages. The object comes in thin or thick sizes, as well as curled or straight in nature.

Objective of the project:
To uncurl the curled strands using natural ingredients and natural process.

Issues with Existing Methods to Straighten :
At the moment of research only following few methods are the known methods of meeting the objectives of straightening the hair strands.

1.        Ceramic Straightner : Uses heat therapy to uncurl the strands. This has the disadvantages of burning and ultimately damaging the strands.
2.       Chemical Shampoos : Harsh Chemical in the shampoos could Damage the shiny strands and may lead to scalp allergy, hair fall etc.
         3.       Gar-iron Therapy : Using the heat therapy of old age Garment Iron (Gar-Iron) may lead  to     burning of hair thereby damaging the same and sometimes may even burn scalp and hands.
4.      Ency Therapy : uncalculated over weight of the Encyclopedia Britannica may lead to flattening of the hair strands and may lead to thinning of the strands. This may eventually lead to breaking of hair.
5.       Rollin Therapy : Use of Rolling pin may produce uneven pressure points due to uncalculated hand pressure. This would lead to breaking of hair in longer run.
6.      Clothyclip Therapy: may lead to Health and safety issues while standing on a stool and trying to straighten the hair. This could also lead to formation of kinks due to excessive pinching from the garment clips.

Now the New Engineering concept:
The black and beautiful strands tend to assume a temporary straighten shape with artificial stiffeners and usage of calculated force to keep it straight. The design of the straightner is to be free from any energy consumption and uses  application of natural resources. The device is having a good degree of Mobility and versatile in usage. The concept of straightening is inspired from the ancient traditions of Sufi and their devotional practices of Sama.

The Straightening device –Kur’curla : (pronounced as Kur –(as in Kurmuri) –‘koo-rla; noun, meaning – no meaning so enjoy usage)

Kur'Curla Device for hair Straightening- original drawings

The Kur’Curla device is built with  minimum technology requirements and can be built around at home without much of inconveniences. The major parts forming the devices are:
1.        The device is built around a Carbon steel with round circle ring to fit the head and has adjusting screw to adjust the ring on the head.
2.       The ring is connected to two pieces of light carbon steel rods which forms a U-shape at the top. At the centre of the rod is a spring which helps the assembly to remain stretched.  The top has a hanging hair brush to fasten the hair.
3.       The U-shaped assembly and the ring is covered with a mesh of light nylon fabric which covers the rod, hair and ring.
4.      The front side of the Kur’Curla Nylon cover has an opening in the front bottom and an opening at the rear top.

The straightening cream :
Following ingredients are prescribed for a natural straightening cream, which would help your hair with need nutiritions, glow and color:
1.        50 gm of raising flour (or commonly known as Maida in Hindi)
2.       50o ml of cold boiled rice water (or called as Maad in Hindi).
3.       Pinch of Henna (or  Mehndi in Hindi) to for a Golden Brown hair color or drop of any eatable colors for color of your choice (optional- don’t add if you want to retain your hair color)
4.      Drop or two of eatable essence depending on your taste and preference to give your hair a tasteful flavor.
Make a very thin paste utilizing the above ingredients and keep it in deep freezer for 30 minutes to settle down. Stir it. Strain it and is now ready to use for sparkling delicious straight hair.

Application :
Wash your hair with natural shampoo and pat it dry. Apply the straightening cream. Pat dry  the excess straightening cream  from it. Comb your hair straight. Wear the Kur’curla Device on your head. Fix up the ring tightly on your head. Pull your hair and fix it with the comb on top of the Device. The hair should be tight enough if not adjust it with the comb on top. While you are moving the Air flow would be induced with Hot air leaving from the top side of the rear hole and fresh cool air entering from the front bottom hole. The Air flow would make the hair dry. The paste would stiffen the hair straight once its fully dry. Remove your hair from Kur’curla device. It remains straight till your next bath.

-          In case you are in hurry to go out, you can keep the Kur’Curla on your head and go, it adds up as a hat.
-          You may decorate the Kur’Curla with flowers, diamonds or Gems from outside using the nylon cloth to hold it and smartly show off.
-          Kur’Curla can be used to show down the shorter man near to you with a pride.
-          Kur’Curla helps shorter woman with a taller look.
-          If in a mood for some naughty ideas add this up till you are standing.

-          Not recommended for pregnant woman, as this may make them more dis-balanced.
-          Not recommended for lactating woman, as their off-springs may get scared with such an elongated head.
-          Not recommended to shorter man to gift his girl friend as he may himself get into psychological issues.

Technical specification:
Power utilization                             : zero
Carbon Footprint                             : zero
Drying mechanism                          : natural air
Straightening compound             : natural
Chemicals                                           : permissible colorant and essence (Optional)
Straightening time                          : 30 Minutes
Straightening effect                      : till next bath
Patents                                                : Applied for.
Commercialization                          : open once patents received. Contact the author.
Credits                                                  : Lazy devil minds
end of paper



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