Nov 26, 2014

Lufthansa A380 – The dawn of a new era

Lufthansa… an Airlines which always caught my attention for its name. Somewhere in it’s name I
could proudly find reflections of India and its rich language: Sanskrit. A Language which is on verge of extinction from our daily life. Thanks but no thanks to English for its misery. It could be a long debate as what the word means. But a student of Sanskrit (or even Hindi) could explain it what it could be. It might have been derived from the two words of Sanskrit (the mother  of all Indian language); “Lupt” and “Hansa”. “Lupt” means “vanishing” in English while “Hansa” means a “Swan”, put together Luft-Hansa means a “Vanishing Swan”. A plane is like a bird or swan which slowly vanishes out of sight while it’s flying out of the ground. Logo of Lufthansa “Vanishing Swan” adds to  the meaning and I believed on this explanation of Lufthansa. There could be a good discussion on this but the fact remains that German Scholars did a lots of study and researched on Sanskrit and even explored it for the programming languages. Though we Indians do not respect much except reading the subject as a compulsion in school days.
 Why am I really explaining this? May be because I am Indian in heart and feel proud to see a connection somewhere.

Connection I  said??  #LufthansaA380 flight from Delhi to Germany !!! What a connection? From the Heart of India to Heart of Europe.

People in India says Delhi is for “people with Big Heart” (Dil walon ki Dilli). A heart to heart connection with a Big Boy flight Airbus A380, Excellent choice, Great connection. New Delhi Airport is an airport which is a “Beauty with a Brain”. The Delhi airport mesmerizes it’s traveler with its Beauty while it’s DNA woven with state of the Art technologies. With A380 landing on its ground, the motivation of the Airport Authority have  soared and they would love to repeat this success around the nation. The Indian Aviation world will change forever.

#LufthansaA380 flight is designed with elegance and sophistication. Everything that touches the flight has been conceived to deliver perfection and sophistication. Flights interiors, from business class to economy class are ergonomically designed to provide travelers with comfort for all sizes and heights. The windows are so well built that makes Lufthansa look  clutter free. I am happy on this as I am  tall and had this issue of spreading my legs comfortably in almost all the flights. Thanks for such a thought of making travelers like me so happy and relaxed.  A professionally trained In-flight Attendants shower their perfect services. In-flight entertainment has a vast collection of hand-picked programs that cater to all class, age, gender and  tastes. Ground staff help you check in to flight smoothly. The in-flight food….ummm what a platter… In short, Lufthansa has set a standard very high to match and serve its customer. Out of curiosity I checked on how #Lufthansa touches its customer and the list was huge. So I focused on only few which is like, REDIFINING BENCHMARKS OF QUALITY and designed this picture.

Lufthansa Touch Points: redefining New Benchmarks
Industries believe “Perfection-Challenges-Innovation-Execution” go in a circle.  When a  bar is set very high and the “perfection” becomes the motto, the service subsidiaries has to match the bar.  Indian Aviation industry has to raise its bar to serve its passenger in line with the standard set in by Lufthansa.  This means the Air Safety has to get more stringent to ensure an accident free environment in all its area.  Air-Traffic Control Services, Ground Services, Baggage Handling Services, Check-in Services, Immigration services, Catering services, all have a new challenge to meet “Lufthansa’s Challenge of perfection”. With the challenge Innovative thoughts and rush for new infrastructure will set in. This would bring a growth in IT, Electro Mechanicals, Automation, Human services to gear in. #LufthansaA380 have triggered a new rush for growth, shown us the dawn of a new era. Again an engineer’s way of looking at it: visual representation. And yes I saw the industry growing..
Lufthansa: Challenging Indian Aviation Industry

Not to forget, the ease of travelling would bring in more Tourists to Delhi and to the  symbol of Love Taj Mahal. This again would trigger the growth in Hotels, infrastructure, Tourism services to grow.

#LufthansaA380 has sown the seed of Growth….
THANK YOU FOR Lufthansa A380

Ever heard Big Hoops singing “Bigger is better”, what an expression:

Wanna express myself tonight
I can go fast, I can go slow
I can go places nobody else goes
I can move fast,
I can move slow…
The Bigger the better

Was Hoops really referring to Lufthansa’s  Airbus A380s? yeeeeeeeeeee
Hoops word takes me to my fantasy world of travelling to Germany on an Airbus A380 flight with my love one.
..would express my emotions for her. my heart out for 8 hours, not letting her sleep with my mushy musings.
..We would walk holding hands,
..curl up in a cosy blanket, together watching the clouds and passing by cities beneath us looking up at our love.
…Love to be on Lufthansa Airbus A380.



लिखना कभी मेरी चाहत न थी..कोशिश की कभी जुर्रत न थी
शब्दों के कुछ फेर की कोशिश ---यूं कोई सराह गया कि
लिखना अब हमारी लत बन गयी...
-------- दो शब्द ही सही,, आपके शब्द कोई और करिश्मा दिखा जाए--- Leave your comments please.