Nov 5, 2014


 A Three letter word which can be world’s most uttered word in different forms and
languages. And yes, the topic is very close to my heart.
The same question in a slightly different form was asked by one of My Business Leader –Ms Donna  M ( Actual name, but I will hide the company to preserve her identity).   Ms Donna was an expat settled in US and had an assignment in India, for developing a photography company.  She could never come in terms with the way India is and India works in her 2 years career. She preferred staying at a Star Hotel in Mumbai at company’s expenses and was so finicky that she would import bottled water for her normal use.  She thought everyone in India is corrupt and cheaters. It’s a story almost a decade ago but is still so well preserved in my mind. I was heading the Business in east and so  I was invited at Park Hotel to meet her. That was quite surprising as all Business leaders would walk in to the office for all official purposes.
During the discussion, I remember very clearly word by word.

“Indians are so funny that they have 10 million Gods and Goddesses  and which means its one every citizen. Why do you worship God? Who your God is?”

Honestly speaking, I  never discussed religion in my life beyond my family. She had fact and to her best ability had the right analysis.
Strangely enough, that moment I was hurt getting a comment like this, but I could not have ignored it. My explanation was very simple to her.

God is an identity whom we blame for all the troubles/failures in our life.
Corollary to this Rule:
 All happiness/success  are credited to the Letter “I”.

Ever shouted back when u are in the worst phase of life? God u cant do this to me… so u are crediting HIM. Every time u are positive you pat your own back crediting yourselves…isn’t it..

Jokes apart, in Hinduism we have a corporate culture in the Organisation of FAITH & BELIEF. We can call it F&B Corp. Like any Corp we have 3 Governing Bodies. Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh. Reporting to them as an incarnation, you have Specialty Executive Gods like Durga, Kali, Ganesh, Rama, and all like we have in organization sales head, service head, production head etc. The specialty heads have their own functional team members who are in human or non-human incarnations, the same ways our corporate works. Everyone is customer facing and everyone beyond their hierarchy have accessible to the buyers or service requesters. So all our gods irrespective of their forms are accessible to all Human being having a faith in F&B Corp.

While she was hearing me out with her eyes staring behind her thick specs, I continued.

When your refrigerator beaks down, would you be calling a plumber or a refrigerator technician? If your  phone breaks down u would not call a finance guy. Right? So when a poor human being gets into problem and wants something to fix, he would go to a specialist. Like, if you have issues with :
                Finance- laxmi,
                Major Troubles : Durga
                Scary thoughts: Hanuman
                Peace in family : Rama
                And so on….
You have a specialist for all the trades all the breakdowns in your life…that’s why we have so many Gods. And, like every specialists we have separate dedicated chambers called Temples.

As a Human Being we are the weakest soul on the earth and live and think like a nomads.  We wander even on slightest change of thought.  
To have the feeling of strength, to build the internal strength in ourselves, we anchor a faith in one of the  GODs, who basically compliments our Weaknesses. Our internal self and the External Almighty- God  builds the strength, we need to lead this journey of life. Worshipping the Strength is a way of communicating with the strength making us believe his presence with us. That’s why worship God.

Donna was staring at me, unable to defend as she was a lady who had only one perception in life : Hers. This was my way of explaining why we worship…

………did I tell u, It was my last meeting with her.. as I came to know after the discussion that she had flown from Mumbai just to tell me I was fired….. (wish she cud manage the Business.. the Unit was shut due to her faith in Indian corrunption…sadly…)
The views are solely mine and apologies if it hurts a sentiment… I am a believer in GOD …I am Hindu by Birth… and yet searching my religion.. I just Pray …)




  1. Faith or fear we do worship god ..the weakest soul always pray for the best positive strong soul.. 1000 reasons to pray god...
    good write up >>!!!

  2. I just want to say that, God is the only spirit who maintains the entire ecological balance. I believe in God.
    May God Bless us All.

  3. Lovely to read your thoughts.
    Specialist explanation is so logical & you have presented your points well :)
    Sad she couldn't handle this and fired you.
    It's God's will.
    I'm a believer too. I believe in the Supreme power & the power of prayers.


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