Jan 5, 2012

Naina you sleeping????

its about a dream girl..a fantassy about one who existed but i dared not to declare that she did at that moment. This happens to be my 1st composition (haha if you would really qualify this as a composition) in English.. Naina is a name i would love to name anyone, after Sona, as am crazy about a girl with Beautiful Eyes.
(this was arranged by Zin for one of our private blog)

Naina you sleeping????
hey naina you dreaming???
thoughts of you
are all around ....
hearing you
what we talked tonight...
listening to your giggles all around...
Feeling you in this dark night....
naina,how cud you sleep
so early tonight...
i can see you in dark,
you may be in sleep....
but you not in sleep.....
your hands are looking
for your heart
not knowing
its in my heart..
your lips are tremblin
searchin for mine...
yr body is calm
as coldness around
is all mine and
your body is in mine,
in this dark rooom,
naina, i cud see you all..
n you had gone
staring all around..
searching you
in the dark silence..
you were gone...
naina, you were gone
you disappeared...
tears refused to drop
eyes were shut
one moment, i felt
my lips
are shut...
something soft
somethin hot
something wet
shut my lips

made it wet..
wonders !!!!!
i cried
opened my eyes..
it was you...
touching to say
how much u loved..
it was you...
with those big eyes
staring at mine
to say ..
where wud i go
leaving you my love?
you are mine
and i am yours...
u smiled
as i smiled,
no words
no whispers..
no talks
i slept in your arms
u in mine.....
holding tight
it was a calm
and a warm night.
god knows
how long....
but it was long....very long
from far away
there was a sound
somewhere bells were ringing
thought it was our day
we waited for so long
we wanted it so long...
yes it sounded like the day
alas !!!
i was awake
the warm night
it was my cell....
which ringed so
was all over....
looked all around
and I smiled
i laughed
naina you were gone
gone again
where did you go
leaving me
with a pillow in my hand??
_____________________________________________________added by Zin

My heart sinked ...
my tears flowed..
naina u had disappeaed...
the world was so dark....
that i got scared...
thinkin what i lost....

see i cud not even sleep..
see i m dreaming
dreaming abt u
with open eyes..
staring all around....
looking for u
in this dark night..

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