Jun 15, 2013


What a topic!!! What a topic I must say…
I really loved the kind of flutter it created when I saw it first. On the first glance, I thought I would never ever locate those five or more Exclusive people, Dead or Alive whom I could rope in for a chat. I kept on thinking this with my loved ones, my Best friends, my colleagues. Which one of them could join me? My world moves around these people and they mean the World to me. When I see a delicious food, I salivate but when I see a Great topic, I Salivate again to write something on it. It did the same.
I am not an avid reader myself. My knowledge on History is as good as Geography. Honestly, I always Capped the Wrong Capitals to the Countries. So, I thought why not correct my knowledge on History. So I thought of the following people :

Firstly I would correct my knowledge on the ever burning topic of India’s Partition. On the night of independence, one country got divided into two: Hindustan and Pakistan. We felt the freedom, we rejoiced, we celebrated the moment, we celebrated our Independence. Our Great Leader Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru unfurled the flag of independence. A new country was born. But, at what cost did we really rejoiced? Was it a Celebration for the separation? Or, was it really the joy of celebrating Independence by throwing out someone who fought together with us for this Independence? The separations that they all  gave us, made us still fighting a war. Everyday there are lives which are lost and dollars are spent fighting. Here, is my first personality: Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru. I would have asked if he appears online:
“ Dear Sir, we know from our History Books that Mr Jinnah wanted to divide this lovely country for preserving the rights of Muslims. Why the history is silent on your efforts to stop this division? You were supposed to be “the” Pandit of Secularism, then why you did not stop this division showing the secularism? Was your or Mr Jinnah’s personal ambition of becoming the first head of the state so Important that you agreed on the division? Britain did rule our country and played all the dirty games, but I trust they would have never wanted to divide this beautiful country. Wasn’t yours and Jinnah’s personal ambition came in between? You both were Powerful and Mr Jinnah was even more and was a threat to your personal agenda. History is silent why, Mr Pandit, don’t you break this silence, Sir.”

While Pandit Nehru would be adjusting the rose on his jacket to come on my query, why not look for someone, who again mattered the most on those days- Mahatma Gandhi, Father of the
Nation. I know for sure he would not be carrying a smart phone to come on chat and am not making a mockery on him. Rather his death is one incidence, which always makes people cry. How can one really kill a person who made so much difference to our lives? Why was he killed really? We know who murdered him : Nathu Ram Godse or shall I use the salutation as Mr Nathu Ram Godse? Hardly matters. I would like to bring with me the Second Personality: Mr Nathu Ram Godse and Chat with him with due respect to understand and correct my history:

“Dear Mr Godse, taking a life is not an easy task and you committed the task. If we take you as a rationale matured citizen of the country, I believe that there must be a strong rationale behind it. And, you along with the team of yours, who would have supported your rhyme or reason to do the killing must have believed Father’s termination. What was the reason? It definitely is not the reason which our historians have penned down and handed over to us. A hearing was done in Tis Hazari Court. You definitely would have voiced your reasons and those must be strong ones. That’s why even after more than 60 years gone by the document is still a classified ones and we don’t know word to word as what was discussed. Can you please let me know today after sixty more years on this chat as what was discussed in the court?”

While Mr Godse dusts out his memory, why not pick up more another Brave Heart. Brave !!! Yes he is one. He has the courage to transport many Buffaloes in one attempt using a scooter. He had the skills of making invisible crores of Rupees with a snap of fingers. He was courageous that
he swindled million tones of fodder in just a few minutes. Yes with word fodder, you could easily recall the Iron man who fisted Judiciary to dusts. He never could get convicted and he still enjoys his freedom in this free country. Yes I would love to Bring in my Third Personality Sri Sri Lalu Prasad Yadav, the sole Chief Minister having a Bollywood Movie in his name (not a Bio-graphical one ..Thank God). I would love to Bring him in my Chat Room to ask him:

Dear Mr Yadav, I appreciate your magical strength as that of Magician PC Sarcar, where you can swindle crores of Rupee in few months of time. You loved to project yourself as messiah of poor and portrayed to media as having food in Aluminum plates in openness of your CM’s Bungalow.   At the same time, you loved to dine-in with your loved ones in your cozy dinning room in Silver Cutlery. This hypocrisy needs a courage to maintain and you were too good at it. You and your goons manipulated the Railways through out. When you stopped the practice of your team and shared the ways and means to stop it, Railways made preofit. You earned all the Laurels and gained recognition at  Harvard University. May I ask what you did to the team of swindlers who were pressurized by your goons to swindle State’s Money for you and your party. I heard some have already died. How can you manage such a Hypocrisy and why did you swindled poor people’s money?

The next person or shall I refer to as a personality, to invite for a chat is- Mr Firoz Khan. I know it would be difficult for you to recall as who this Gentle man is;  like Billions of other readers in the country, it could have  been only a headline for you. After a week you did not pay any attention. Hah!!! What a shame. Let me quote a news paper to freshen up your grey cells.  “ NEW DELHI — A 4-year-old girl who was raped and dumped near a crematorium in central India died on Monday evening from cardiac arrest, hospital authorities said Tuesday. The girl, the daughter of day laborers, was lured from her home in the town of Ghansor in Madhya Pradesh State on April 17 and found the next day by her parents, bleeding profusely, the police said… The police have arrested Firoz Khan, 27, a welder who worked at the nearby Jhabua Power Plant, in the attack.” Hope you can recall it now. I would not slap him or take him to courts for justice, or even hanged him. I would have tied him up against a pillar and would have scratched him  with a razor hundred times, and would had bathed him with salt and pepper, so that he feels the pain and dies a slow death for the crime he committed. Would have asked him,
 “ how could you ever do a crime like this to an angel? How perverted were you? What kind of pleasures you expected? Did you not know the other means to calm your desires? Tell me what it gets in mind to rape? I grew up to learn that you can’t have your desires fulfilled if you not emotionally connected. How someone can do it forcefully? WHY…????”

When I used to get disturbed on thoughts like this, I used to pen down. I never used to practice this in my life till an angel hit my life. I started getting calmer. I started getting peace. In the event I met any one of the above and I get agitated, like a nerve calmer, I would like to keep my life-ZIN with me. Her love for me would do the tricks. But if asking a question is important, I would love to ask her,
My love,
I gave you more troubles than happiness,
I made you cry more than I made you smile,  
I was never there when you needed me,
Why your words gave me all the strengths?
Why your touch made me feel all the love?
Why you treat me so precious, when I know am not?
Why do you love me so much?....


This is my entry for the WeChat contest. For more details about the product log onto the youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/WeChatIndia?feature=chclk


  1. some great writing here - all the very best

  2. Writing is good but 2 things that I'd like to say:

    the pic that u have used is of Veer Savarkar and not Nathuram
    Secondly I'd request you to read his speech. You'll get all your answers..

    otherwise Nice choice of people.. My best wishes

  3. Yes. Writing style is excellent. But content which I definitely don't agree. I also read in the discussion page that you have deleted the portion you found to be offensive. Like you everyone has a right to express one's own view which others may not agree and your deleting another persons views seems to be not correct to me. As many said " let us agree to disagree" and respect every other view. Blocking it will not serve any purpose. Here again you have every right to delete the views expressed by me.But please think it over.


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